from our family to yours

we promise to fill your meals with care and attention so that you can gather your family 'round the table for connection, killer food, and nourishment. Dinner time is sacred. It's the one place you can connect with the people you love, every evening.

while our families lives may evolve into busier schedules, larger social groups, and demanding responsibilities, the basic human need to nourish our bodies brings us together. with our meals, you can breathe easy knowing we've got you covered so you can spend your time more freely.

for the teenagers

We prepare our meals with a very specific goal in mind. To keep your teenagers coming home, every night, excited for dinner. I have yet to see a grumpy teenager eating delicious food. This is the time where they can disconnect from their phones, and bond over the basic human need of feeding our bodies.

made for littles

all of our meals are tested on our toddlers tastebuds. we strive to provide meals your entire family will love.

made for you

from one busy parent to another, i know the struggle to make time for all the things that matter to you. dinner time doesn't have to be a stressor. in fact, it can be the thing you look forward to most. we are excited to take this off your plate and provide the gift of consistent, delicious, and meaningful dinner time.